On June 20th 2023, the first sketch contest was held at Schiller Gymnasium. Students of grades 6 and 7 worked in groups to create their very own sketches in the English lessons. Then, each class sent 2 to 4 teams into the competition. The jury, consisting of teachers Mr Dill and Mrs Stelter as well as senior students Ali Donat and Hannah Binner watched closely. They then spent quite some time discussing and debating the different sketches regarding creativity, level of English, and acting. In the end, two teams won book prices, but all participants can be called winners.

The jury and the student audience was impressed by the vast range of topics and punch lines, including scary sleepovers, fun fairs with questionable tombolas, classroom situations, and a-tad-too-literal hot dogs. It’s safe to say that this might well have been the start of a new tradition at Schiller Gymnasium’s English department.

(Jannis Seifried)